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BabakDaneshvar was born in Tehran, Iran, in 1973. He graduated from the University of Tehran with a Bachelors Degree in Music. He began learning Santour in 1991, and from 1995, he continued his education of Santour with Maestro Mohammad Azari. In 1996, he attended the University of Tehran, majoring in Music. He continued perfecting his techniques and building his vast knowledge of Persian Traditional Music.

While at the University during his four years, he was privileged enough to meet and have the opportunity to take lessons from the great Maestros such as Majid Kiani, Alireza Mashayekhi, Dr. Azin Movahed, Darvish Reza Monazzami, just to name a few. He later took on learning Barbat (Oud), under the instruction of Maestros Arsalan Kamkar and Mohammad Firouzi. During this time, he was an instructor of Traditional Persian Music and Santour at Iranian Academic Center for Education, Culture and Research, Branch of Tehran University

Beginning in 2001, BabakDaneshvar opened his own school of music. His siblings taught alongside him, teaching different Persian Instruments to music lovers.

Throughout the years of hard work in the field of Traditional Persian Music, BabakDaneshvar has given many concerts, both in Iranand globally. He participated in a three different international music festival series called Fajr International Music Festival, in Tehran, Iran. In addition, he has performed in several International Music Festivals, including Silk Road in Germany,Marco Polos Coffe in Switzerland, Dialogue of Cultures in Azerbaijan Feb 2003,Asian Hollidays in Azerbaijan Sep 2004 and The International music Festival of Algeria in Algiers 2009.Moreover, he has given international concerts in countries including Afghanistan, Turkey(Erciyes University),England and The United States.

He has partnered in making album recordings of Traditional Persian and Folk Music, as well as creating and recording several pieces of music for The Iranian Television.

He Composed and performed original music for two documentary movies named Soltanieh Dome and The Laundry House (in Iran).

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